Leggings are comfortable, convenient and suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. They’re a great wardrobe alternative for when you don’t want to wear jeans. Their utility and stylishness make them a great option to have. When paired with the right accessories, leggings can be dressed up or down to match almost any occasion. Here are some tips on how to wear this closet staple.

Fashion sneakers add a casual and playful look to your favorite pair of leggings, while calf-length boots or ankle booties add a sense of city chic to your look. Wear these when going to a bar with friends or going to lunch. Strappy sandals or flats mix casual with classy. Wear these when going to brunch or an art show. Shoes are a great way to change up the vibe of your outfit.

If you want to make your look bolder, pair patterned leggings with a leather jacket. Throw on accessories like a necklace and wear heels. High-heeled shoes or boots give your outfit a dressy look. And you`re ready to go for a night out on the town.

When worn tastefully, leggings can be appropriate in the workplace. The pieces you choose to pair with your leggings make all the difference when considering them suitable to be used in your work wardrobe. The most important detail to remember with leggings to work is to be sure you wear an appropriate length shirt. It’s important to choose a top that is long enough to keep you covered. Buttoned shirts and tunics, especially those that are longer in the back than in the front, are perfect for wearing this style to work. Oversized blazers pair greatly as well.

Fashionable women turn to leggings for all seasons and occasions because they are a versatile element that can suit any individual style. Choose The Lemon Collections for all your legging needs and see how a great pair of leggings can be worn for many occasions.