Peds and liners make the perfect sock for Spring and Summer. But what is the difference between the two? We breakdown the differences between these socks and which ones you should go with.

Peds: Peds are low cut socks, perfect for sneakers and boots. These are classic socks that are good for different types of looks. They come right under the ankle so they don’t show when worn with classic sneakers. For some added fun, check out our Noble Fur Pom Ped. Or check out our two pack deals to start your ped collection.

Liners: Liners are the closest thing to not wearing socks. They are great for when you can’t imagine wearing socks, but don’t want your feet sweating and slipping on your shoes. Wear these with flats or certain types of shoes like loafers or slip-on sneakers. This way you can have a barrier between your feet and the shoes without having it show. Hence why they are often called “no show” socks. For ultra comfort, check out our Cashmere Liners when you don’t want your socks to show but want to feel how soft they can be.

Socks are a necessity to everyday wear and can be when wanted, a great accessory to tie up an outfit. These two types of socks are great for when you want different levels of no show socks. Shop different styles today!