Socks are an accessory that can spice up any outfit. Rather than approaching this useful accessory from a needs-must point of view, women are incorporating socks into their looks for an extra pop of color and texture(like cashmere!).  If you’re also interested in how to wear socks, especially at different lengths, keep scrolling for stylish outfits to wear with every sock length right now.

If you’re dressing up for a casual event let your imagination run wild. There really aren’t any ‘rules’ when it comes to how to wear colorful socks. If you’re wearing an outfit that is more on the casual side, don’t be afraid to have fun and wear out there socks- like ones with pompoms!

There are a lot of ways you can style knee-high or over the knee socks but the best thing to pair with them is a mini skirt. Wearing heels with black knee-high socks and a mini skirt creates a wonderful illusion of longer legs! That is always a bonus. If you’re not comfortable wearing a short skirt with a bare leg, knee-high socks just might be your best friend.

You can make your sock-and-shoe combo look elegant by wearing a pair of sheer socks with pretty flats or heels, for a ladylike look.

Sometimes it’s best when the socks don’t show. If you’re more of a sneaker woman, then wear a chic blazer and denim skirt with white sneakers and socks. Just make sure to keep them ankle length so look for a liner or ped

Socks can be appropriate for an everyday casual look as well.  Wear a  fur cuffed ankle sock with your favorite oxfords or flats for a collegiate look. Just because you’re wearing long socks, doesn’t mean you have to wear them up high. Why not keep them slouchy and roll them down? For those brisker days, this look is just right.  

When it comes to socks, a fashion necessity, having fun and try mixing different textures within your layers is the goal!