The ultimate staycation is made that much better with The Lemon Collection!
Imagine your resort is yours all to yourself along with all the sumptuous details.
Start your day hanging out in our finest Cashmere Loungewear. Put on some groovy tunes, open all the blinds, let the sun soak the room while you chill out in some of the softest and most adorable luxurious looks in the market.
Amazing how the right scent can melt away the day’s worries. Pick a scent that speaks to you and let it do its thing.
Muster up some energy to bring in the mail, but first slip on your cute boot, which has a faux leather bottom so you can make a quick run to the mailbox.
When it’s time for lunch, head into town. Remember, no one walks around in street clothes during a staycation. Switch into your street-ready hard sole slipper, fur-lined tights, our uber soft poncho, and matching hat and watch heads begin to turn.  Shut off your phone and enjoy some healthy food and conversation with your loved one.   Before you head home, buy yourself some flowers.
Now head back home and hit the spa. Slip on one of our chenille towel robes with a cute pair of colorful socks and shaggy bunny slippers, our shredded powder blanket and cuddle up with a good book. We’ve heard that when you and your one and stay in with plush robes, it makes for the most romantic of weekends.
You could get used to this, couldn’t you?